Xoximilco Cancun Entertainment

There’s two things Mexico is most proud of, their culture and their ability to throw a party! When you combine a bit of Mexico’s history & culture, delicious cuisines, variety of music with a splash of Tequila while aboard a flat bottom boat called a trajinera, you will get with Xoximilco Cancun Entertainment.

Xoximilco Cancun was created as a tribute to the original canals, trajineras and floating gardens of Xochimilco in central Mexico.

Upon your arrival to Xoximilco Cancun, you’re greeted by a friendly guide who will give you a brief introduction about your tour. Prior to boarding, you are entertained by musicians while tasting of an assortment of tequila and Mexican treats like an “Elote en Vaso” (Corn in a Cup).

With a ring of the bell, guides will begin directing you to the docking area where the bright and festive trajineras, each named after a state in Mexico, await for you to board. The boat has seating for 20 people, provides a 3 course meal, beverages and 2 of the most entertaining, hilarious and talented crew members, like Carlos and Walter!

A quick snap of the camera, a loud cheer for Puebla and our Xoximilco Cancun experience began. Our journey through the flavors of Mexico, started with a sampling of dips, such as Squash Blossoms, Huitlacoche (corn smut), Annatto Seed, Mayan Pumpkin Seed and Guacamole. Agua de Jamaica (Hibiscus Tea), Agua de Tamarindo (Tamarind), Corona beer, Sangrita and of course Tequila were the perfect compliments. Sodas and water are also provided, along with limes and mandatory shot glasses. As if they knew I’d be onboard, a glass full of ice, lime juice, a shot of Tequila and some grapefruit flavored soda, provided all I would need to mix my favorite Mexican cocktail, a Paloma.

Just like any good Mexican Fiesta, the food is plentiful! Round 2 arrived by trajinera with a taste of tamales, pear squash, Oaxaca cheese ball and cactus pad salad, also known as Nopales. For those with an adventurous palette, a side of Charales and Chapulines are just for you. Charales are fried silverside fish and Chapulines are toasted grasshoppers seasoned with salt, chile powder and a splash of lime. If insects and mini fish are not your thing, no need to worry, your guide will provide you with the origin and description of what you’re about to bite into before you do.

Dinner was a melody of Pork in green salsa, Chicken in mole sauce, a Banana Leaf Tamale with beef, corn smut sauce and cotija cheese, Shrimp with tamarind sauce and Barbecued mutton. Again, thankfully, Carlos was there to translate these delicious selections for us.

Xoximilco Cancun is Destination WE’s top pick for a Destination Wedding Activity in Cancun. You can reserve a trajinera that holds 20 people or several for your welcome party or rehearsal dinner.