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Good Time to Visit Vietnam

Why now is a good time to visit Vietnam

Why now is a good time to visit Vietnam Vietnam is today a major tourist destination in Southeast Asia, that is growing its tourism industry at an alarming pace. The sector grew by 30% in

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5 Best Places to Travel for 2019 Traveling the world and experiencing the unique cultures, famous landmarks, historical monuments, delicious cuisines and amazing wonders is on a majority of peoples “To Do List” for 2019.

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MSC Divina Cruise Destination St Maarten

Cruise Travel Destination St. Maarten

Our first  MSC Divina cruise travel destination was Philipsburg, the main town and capital of St. Maarten. The Caribbean island is shared by two countries, St. Maarten, overseen by the Dutch and St. Martin, overseen

Travel Experience Aboard the MSC Divina

Travel Experience Aboard the MSC Divina

A few years ago, I created a very modest travel bucket list. After my latest travel experience aboard the MSC Divina cruise ship, I have modified the list to include only 1 destination, The World!

First-Impressions Clio's Food Craft

First Impressions: Clio’s Food Craft

They say, “You never get a second chance to make a great first impression.” And, I completely agree. We arrived in Guatemala City at La Aurora International Airport and were greeted by Julio with Antigua

Traveling as a group is a growing phenomenon and is something that you might definitely do in your lifetime. This involves taking a trip either internationally or domestically with close friends, family, business partners or just incentive travel. At Destination WE Travel, planning group travel packages are one of our specialties and we will be thrilled if given the opportunity to plan the group trip of your dreams!

Types of Group Travel

Family reunions – families from time to time plan trips where the extended family travel to a destination of their choice to rekindle the spirit of the family and at the same time keep everyone busy and entertained.

Friends and family vacation packages – this involves travel where several families and or friends plan their vacations together. It is slightly different from family reunion group travel since the onus is not so much on reigniting relationships, but more about like-minded people coordinating a trip together, sometimes to reduce the cost of the trip or to provide familiar company to each other if traveling to a destination for the first time.

Fishing and hunting trips – this type of group travel is undertaken mainly by men; these group trips are largely in the form of weekend getaways by like-minded buddies who have a shared passion for fishing or hunting. Fishing and hunting group trips are on most occasions domestic travel, largely within the same state and on some occasions between states.

Destination weddings – a growing number of couples are opting to have their nuptials on a beach on an exotic island, surrounded by their closest family and friends. Coordinating this type of travel, where people might be traveling from many different locations can be overwhelming for the couple, and it is critical that an experienced group travel planner like Destination WE Love is enlisted to ensure that the event is stress-free and seamless.

Bachelor/Bachelorette parties – this type of group travel is all about excitement and entertainment. It involves buddies showing a groom to be or girlfriends showing a bride to be a good time before they tie the knot!

Group wellness retreats – wellness is a huge deal in today’s society, and as such, there is a growing demand for wellness retreats. These types of events promote wellness has a lifestyle, and some resorts specifically cater to these events. Your knowledgeable group travel planners at Destination WE Travel will guide you through the process of choosing the perfect location and at the same time make all the travel arrangements for you!

Incentive travel – this type of travel is largely sponsored by businesses, for employees and sometimes their families. This type of travel is more fun-focused than work-related and is sometimes organized by employers who enlist the services of experienced travel agents like Destination WE Travel to assist in the execution of these trips.

Benefits of using Destination WE for your Group Travel

Planning a group event cannot be left to chance, and some expert guidance will go a far way in ensuring that your group travels are hiccup-free. We at Destination WE Travel have organized and planned travel for a variety of groups, so we know what and where to recommend for your specific group. We can also centralize the booking process for your group, making it easier and more convenient for planning purposes. We also are aware of where you can get the best group incentives such as complimentary upgrades and free nights and importantly, we can lock in group rates for you with very competitive payment terms. So, give us a call and tell us about your next group trip, we are waiting to hear from you!

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