Puerto Vallarta Destination Wedding

Puerto Vallarta Destination Wedding

Perhaps you have a scrapbook (or app) filled with ideas that your dream wedding should include. A destination wedding in Mexico consistently ranks high among couples because an all-in-one event takes the pressure off the planning and puts your happiness front and center. A Puerto Vallarta destination wedding is one of Mexico’s top choices for couples looking to tie the knot outside of their country of origin. WE have compiled our top reasons to have a Puerto Vallarta destination wedding (but there are many, many others as well).

Location, Location, Location

You want to say your vows somewhere exotic, but who wants to be jetlagged on the big day? Riviera Nayarit is the answer to that one. From the U.S., air travel is both affordable (we like this) and frequently brief, which means you’ll arrive without needing an extra day or two to acclimate.

Natural Beauty

Once you arrive, Mexico’s western coast will greet you with her amazing scenery. Your destination wedding ceremony and reception can be arranged either inside or out. Puerto Vallarta’s luxurious indoor venues and spectacular outdoor vistas are at your beck and call, so go ahead and have your ceremony on a romantic beach or cliff top. Whether the backdrop includes lush green mountains, the azure sea, or a sparkling chandelier, Mexico’s beauty will make your big day memorable for years to come.

Affordable Luxury

When considering all the elements that go into your destination wedding, you may be crossing things off the list in order to keep certain things on it. This is where Riviera Nayarit’s value really shines. Luxury services in Mexico are much less expensive than many other places in the world, which means you get more for your money (and you’ll be able to offer your guests more here than in the U.S.). Many all-inclusive hotels offer fantastic value services for couples getting married locally. And even when you figure in airfare or other transportation costs, your guests will be able to indulge more (for less) in this seaside idyll.

Ready-made Honeymoon Venue

Choosing a destination wedding is as much about the honeymoon as it is about the ceremony. And keeping things simple may give you more time to relax and indulge while knowing you won’t be rushing between the two. Celebrating your wedding in Puerto Vallarta means that you will already be in your honeymoon destination. No need to hurry from a reception to a plane only to arrive at your dream destination drained and exhausted. Mexico offers the perfect union of romance and relaxation, adventure and activity, for newly married couples. Stay at the beach or venture inland to visit amazing historical, cultural, and religious sites – the choice is yours, just as it should be.