Must Know Details for Getting Married in Mexico

You’ve found that special someone and decided to promise yourselves to one another in Mexico. To ensure that every detail goes as planned, we’ve compiled a list of things you need to provide in order for your ceremony to take place.

Must Know Details for Getting Married in Mexico

Some of these requirements apply to everyone; others only apply to foreigners who are travelling to Mexico to get married. Click here to see a detailed chart for both.

Civil Ceremony Requirements
For a civil wedding ceremony, you’re required to provide the following:

  • Two birth certificates for each individual – an original document and a copy that has been annotated and translated into Spanish
  • Valid passports for both individuals
  • Copies of your immigration status/travel permit > An application, including an oath of truthfulness, to show consent between one another and authenticate the marriage
  • Valid passports for four witnesses (two witnesses for each person)
  • Personal details, including name, age, occupation, home address, and nationality of all four witnesses

Plan Carefully and Allow Extra Time
Just like a local wedding, some steps must happen before the big event. You must arrive in Mexico at least three days before your planned ceremony date. This is very important because you need to submit all of your documentation personally through the official channels, and this can’t always be done the same day. But don’t worry! Your wedding planner can usually help with this.

Formal medical certification showing general, sexual, and reproductive health may also be requested. Keep in mind that you may be required to have medical tests done in Mexico prior to your wedding.

Catholic Ceremony Requirements
Arranging a Catholic marriage ceremony in Mexico may be difficult but not impossible. In addition to the documents requested above, you will also need to provide the following:

  • Certificates of baptism and confirmation
  • Formal permission from your selected Catholic church
  • A passport-sized photo of each individual
  • Proof that prenuptial counselling has been attended with a member of the Catholic clergy

Very Important Advice

Please note that if you have previously been divorced, you might have to wait up to a year before getting married in Mexico. Documentation may also be requested to validate the date that the divorce was finalized.