Unplugged Destination Weddings

Unplugged destination weddings – Devices ruining wedding pictures
You’ve bought the dress, picked a destination and booked the tickets. Bags are packed and you are more ready than ever to travel to your dream wedding destination and marry your special someone. Months of hard work and planning have all come down to this special day. To ensure you never forget this magical trip you invest in a professional wedding photographer to capture each moment. As you take that first breathless step down the aisle you look up to see not the faces of your guests but their mobile phones, iPad’s and cameras with blinding flashes clicking back at you. Another guest jumps into the aisle blocking your path and starts taking pictures in front of your professional photographer’s camera ruining the once in a life time shot. By the time you make it to the alter your guests are too busy choosing which filter and what hashtag to use for their amateur shots to even notice you say I do.

Unplugged destination weddings prevent this nightmare from becoming a reality. Wedding officiants are starting to get more requests for unplugged ceremonies. Guests are asked to turn off their electronic devices for the sake of being present and enjoying the precious moments as they happen. Not only can the flash of an electronic device whitewash what would have been a beautiful wedding portrait but the guest themselves can unwittingly photobomb an otherwise perfect shot. Professional photographers continually capture images of the audience staring down at their screens completely distracted.

Destination weddings are about sharing the experience and making a real connection. How can you connect with your guests when they are looking at their screens and not taking in the atmosphere around them? Requesting an unplugged ceremony ensures everyone is able to enjoy this special day.