Tribe Provisions HydeTech Water Bottle

Travel essentials to help us stay hydrated while traveling through Mexico.

On our latest trip, I shared a picture on Instagram of the breathtaking view of Tulum, along with my Tribe Provisions HydeTech water bottle. Our friends at Tribe Provisions sent Bryan and I some travel essentials to help us stay hydrated while traveling through Mexico. We were very excited to try it out!

The Tribe Provisions HydeTech water bottle is quickly becoming my favorite must have travel accessory. Here’s why! Let’s start with the color…orange, who doesn’t love orange? I know, I do! The outside of the bottle has a texture that sure beats any typical metal water bottle. It has a convenient carabiner that makes it easy to clip the Tribe Provisions HydeTech water bottle onto a backpack or even your blue jeans. The well insulated bottles have kept my ice frozen for hours, even overnight. Definitely comes in handy when you’re relaxing on the beach and want a sip of a cold beverage. 😉


Even our little travelista loves the Tribe Provisions HydeTech water bottle.

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Tribe Provisions has also designed an Adventure Hammock that is compact, lightweight and perfect for travel. You won’t be going crazy looking for hammock mounting accessories or storage bag, since Tribe Provisions has created an everything you will need, easy to store system! The Adventure Hammock has a stuff-bag attached, so you can conveniently “stuff” the hammock into it’s bag along with the lashing cables. Set up is easy, so before you know it you’ll be singing Peaceful, Easy, Feeling while you relax in the breeze.



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