Overcoming a Fear of Flying

Fear of Flying Janelle Allen Travel Agent

Once upon a time ago, I boarded a flight to Panama balling my eyes out! I hadn’t flown in a while, so I was having difficulty overcoming my fear of flying. With white knuckles and sweaty palms I arrived in paradise. The Travel Bug bit me hard on that trip, so I knew I had […]

Unplugged Destination Weddings

Unplugged Destination Weddings

Unplugged destination weddings – Devices ruining wedding pictures You’ve bought the dress, picked a destination and booked the tickets. Bags are packed and you are more ready than ever to travel to your dream wedding destination and marry your special someone. Months of hard work and planning have all come down to this special day. […]

Destination wedding planning with family reluctant to travel

Planning a Destination Wedding with Family

Advice on destination wedding planning with family that is reluctant to travel. You’ve decided that a destination wedding is right for you. Now how do you convince your guests its right for them too? Will they stay or will they go? Some couples find after deciding on a destination wedding that their guests are reluctant […]