First Impressions: Clio’s Food Craft

First-Impressions Clio's Food Craft

They say, “You never get a second chance to make a great first impression.” And, I completely agree.

We arrived in Guatemala City at La Aurora International Airport and were greeted by Julio with Antigua Tours. Having done minimal research on Guatemala prior to our departure, I felt as if I was on the “Surprise Me Tour.” I was a bit out of my comfort zone. Since I am a planner by nature and occupation, I like to know what I am getting into. Alas, I’m happy to report, our Guatemalan experience exceeded my expectations.

Clio’s Food Craft

The first stop on the itinerary was lunch at Clio’s Food Craft. We were surprised and thankful to learn Clio’s Food Craft was hosting a private, closed to the public, lunch for our Destination WE Team. The rosemary hedges that lined the entrance provided a fresh welcoming aroma. My attention was quickly captured by the over-sized tree that stretched above the restaurant creating a canopy of leaves and twinkle lights, providing the illusion of eating outdoors. I loved it!

Clios Food Craft Brother Sister

Clio’s Food Craft was established by the Brother & Sister Chef Duo, Roberto and Olivia de la Fuente. Their farm to table cooking preference took us through a culinary journey, starting with fresh baked bread and homemade butter spreads.

As for the Cocktails at Clio’s, they’re not your typical bar drink. Instead, they’re prepared with fresh ingredients, garnished with herbs and salt rims infused with limon negro.

Clios Food Craft Drinks Guatemala City

Clio’s Chefs

Chef Roberto and Chef Olivia introduced our first dish consisting of a melody of locally grown sautéed mushrooms, nuts and spices. As quickly as we cleared our plates, a perfectly cooked beef medallion dish was served, which we all enjoyed! The Chefs provided us with a fascinating walk through of the journey each ingredient took to arrive on our plate.

Lunch could have ended there and we would have all been happy and satisfied. However, Clio’s Food Craft was just getting started! Next, the largest Prawn I’ve ever seen was prepared for and beautifully presented. Each and every one of Clio’s dishes are edible art, full of flavor. Following the delicious prawn, we were served a tender cut of grass feed lamb, accented with a corn husk lit on fire. Believe it or not, this was my first time eating lamb. All I have to say is, “Why have I waited so long?”

Last, but definitely not least was the rich and delicious custard dessert that was served in its original cocoa bean. Chef Roberto gave us a lesson on the different parts of the cocoa bean and how Clio’s Food Craft incorporates the flavors into their recipes.

We completed our lunch with big smiles, full tummies and happy hearts. Our time at Clio’s Food Craft may have come to an end, but our journey through Guatemala was just beginning. Thank you Chef Roberto, Chef Olivia and Staff for providing Destination WE Travel with an unforgettable first impression of Guatemala!

We will be back soon!