The Magical Island of Puerto Rico

 The Magical Island of Puerto Rico

Ask anyone who has traveled to Puerto Rico, either passing through, or making it their wedding destination, and you’ll learn that the magical island of Puerto Rico affords more than imagined. From gorgeous natural wonders to historic landmarks, Puerto Rico offers a luxury experience at a fraction of a European venture, and it’s less than three hours away from Miami by air. Since so much awaits you in this magical destination, here are a few must-see recommendations to enjoy love, laughter, and memories in an exotic, but not so far away, land.

An Unparalleled View and Rich History All in One

When history offers you the opportunity to witness the beauty of the northeastern Caribbean, Puerto Rico’s famous citadel should be your first stop. The Castillo de San Felipe Del Morro (commonly known as “El Morro”) provides an awe-inspiring glimpse into the past. This 16th century fortress protected San Juan harbor for well over 400 years, and a day trip will reveal the story behind its architecture and the island’s turbulent history. Enjoy a quiet moment in a garita (a small outpost where guards kept watch) while taking in the omnipresent trade winds.

World Class Golf Close to Home

If golf is your passion, then the magical island of Puerto Rico is just the place to shake off those winter blues. The island boasts more than 20 golf courses, which are open to non-members, including the Trump International Golf Club, which was designed by PGA pro Tom Kite. And if you fall in love with the island (which happens a lot), then the Royal Isabela course offers breathtaking vistas and memberships that might inspire your game as well as your life.

Magical Island Puerto Rico

“Water, Water, Everywhere”

Now, if your ideal day involves a secluded beach, a romantic stroll near a waterfall, or a sunset sail upon the sea, then the magical island of Puerto Rico has everything you’ve dreamed of finding.

Some of Puerto Rico’s most memorable beaches are just a short water taxi ride away from the hustle and bustle of busy streets. Playa Tortuga, known for its crystal clear water, is just one of the many beaches you can visit, and perhaps, have all to yourself.

The island is also home to spectacular natural highlights, including the United States’ only natural tropical rainforest. Explore challenging forest trails or lighter strolls in the company of Puerto Rico’s glorious flora and fauna. You might even be tempted to enjoy a soothing dip in a waterfall or an adventure in the Camuy cave system for a sip from the “fountain of youth.”

Nighttime Magic Before saying farewell to Puerto Rico, don’t miss the magic at Vieques Bay. This nighttime event is destined to be one your most shared memories. Here, single-celled organisms glow when bumped by fish, people, or other objects, and their bioluminescence turns the dark evening sea into an unforgettable bay of blue light. This is assuredly one of the greatest wonders you can experience.

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