Destination Hawaii

Hawaii offers so much to the discerning traveler that it is sometimes a difficult task deciding where to go on your first visit. Whether you are seeking pristine beaches, alluring tropical rainforests, viewing active volcanoes, playing some golf and relaxing at a beautiful beach resort or just going surfing, Hawaii has it all! Hawaii is a group of volcanic Islands on the Pacific coast and is one of only two non-contiguous states in the United States of America. The beauty and unique attractions of Hawaii makes it a premier destination for travelers – the Hawaii Islands welcomed over 9 million visitors in 2017. If you are considering the Hawaiian Islands for your next vacation, here are some things to bear in mind to make the most out of your trip.

Getting to Hawaii

Hawaii is in the Pacific and the easiest way to fly there is from the West coast of the United States, you will get the best prices for airfare, if you fly out of airports such as Los Angeles and San Francisco.

Where to go in Hawaii

Hawaii offers a lot of variety as a destination and includes several different places for you to visit and enjoy, some of the locations that we recommend that you visit are; The Big Island, Maui, Oahu and Waikiki.

The Big Island

Some people falsely call the entire Hawaii group of Islands the Big Island; this is however not so since the Big Island is just the largest of the eight main Hawaiian Islands. The Big Island is a dream destination for visitors, offering pristine beaches, cultural attractions, astonishing mountain ranges and waterfalls, active volcanoes, cultural activities, lively nightlife and a variety of quality lodging options – from 5-star hotels to small vacation homes. Some of the top attractions on the Big Island include; the Volcanoes National Park, the Rainbow Waterfalls, Alaska Falls State Park and the King Kamehameha Statue. There are also several popular beaches including the Kahaluu Beach Park, Kukio Beach, and the Spencer Beach Park. If golfing is your forte, the Kona Country Club and the Hilo Municipal Golf Course are just two of the many options available to you.

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Oahu is the most populated of the Hawaiian Islands and is home to the capital city of Honolulu. Oahu has all the trappings of a city and also several historical and natural sites that attract millions of tourist every year. One of the most popular places to visit on the Island is the USS Arizona Memorial which commemorates the Pearl Harbor attack of 1941. You should watch the film about this historic event and take the boat ride to the site of the attack; you will get a clearer perspective of the events of Pearl Harbor if you do so. Oahu also includes cultural heritage attractions such as the 19th century Lolani Palace, which was the home of the last Monarch of Hawaii. Sea Life Park is a popular eco-friendly park that offers you the opportunity to swim with Dolphins or just admire the other beautiful aquatic animals such as the Penguins and sea lions.

The neighborhood of Waikiki in the city of Honolulu is a vibrant and popular destination for visitors. It has some stunning beach front hotels lining the pristine shores, Waikiki is known for surfing, shopping, amazing nightlife and world-class dining options. Waikiki is also home to the Honolulu Zoo, which hosts a variety of unique animal species including the infamous Komodo dragon.


Maui is a beautiful Island located in central Hawaii and is home to several unique attractions – from powdery white sand beaches, serene waterfalls to volcanoes. This island is ideal for nature lovers or people who outdoor activities. Some of the things that you should not miss when you visit the island of Maui include, visiting the Haleakala National Park – this park is home to the dormant Haleakala Volcano and hosts endangered wildlife such as the Hawaiian Geese. It is also an excellent place for hiking and seeing beautiful waterfalls. The Maui Ocean Center and the Bailey House and Baldwin Home Museums are also attractions of note on the Maui Island.

When to Visit Hawaii

The weather in Hawaii is warm throughout the year, making the Island an appealing option for vacation seekers. The peak season for visitors is from December to mid-April, during this time, the beaches tend to be crowded, and the pricing tends to be higher. The Spring Season (April – June) is probably the best time to visit the Hawaiian Islands since you get the best deals, the beaches are not crowded, and the weather is phenomenal!