Destination Guatemala

Guatemala is an enchanting Central American country, offering a lot of variety to the discerning traveler. From ancient Mayan civilizations to preserved colonial buildings, Guatemala has a rich cultural heritage and proud history. Also, the country has diverse geography with unspoiled rainforest, nature preserves, volcanic landforms and alluring beaches. With so many options available to visitors, Guatemala welcomed over 2 million international tourists in 2017. Guatemala is undoubtedly a destination that we recommend that you visit to enjoy the unique attractions and geography, here are some guidelines that will help to make your trip to Guatemala more exciting and enjoyable!

Getting to Guatemala

To get to Guatemala from the United States, there are several daily flights available from many of the main United States gateways such as Miami, Atlanta, any of the airports in the tri-state area, Los Angeles, and Dallas Forth Worth. The minimum flying time from the United States to Guatemala is approximately three hours.

Where to go in Guatemala

If you are planning to visit Guatemala, there are some destinations within the country that we recommend. Some of these are Antigua, Lake Atitlan, and Tikal.


Antigua is a small city in southern Guatemala that is surrounded by volcanoes. The city is also known for its Spanish architecture, with the presence of several historical colonial buildings and landmarks from the era of Spanish colonization. When you visit Antigua, you should not miss the iconic Arco de Catalina landmark, the Iglesia La Merced Church, the Antigua Guatemala Cathedral and the Captain-General Palace. Also, several interesting museums in Antigua are available to travelers, some of the more popular ones are; the Choco Museum, the Casa K’ojom Mayan Music Museum, La Antigua Art Gallery and Museo de Santiago. These museums showcase different aspects of Guatemala’s heritage, from details about the Mayan’s obsession with chocolate at the Choco Museum to exciting details about Mayan music at the Casa K’ojom museum. The La Antigua Art Gallery host some of the most renowned artworks in the country and the Museo de Santiago is home to some of the antique weaponry of the colonial era.

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Lake Atitlan

Lake Atitlan is a serene and picturesque town in the southwestern highlands of Guatemala. The town is bordered by a beautiful lake and several small Mayan villages and is surrounded by three volcanoes with distinctively pointed cones. This town offers attractions such as volcano observation – you can get close to the three volcanoes in the region and capture pictures of impressive sceneries. There are also nature reserves such as Cerro Tzankujil and the Mariposario reserve where you can go hiking through some beautiful trails and relax and admire nature at its best! You can also visit one of the many museums such as Choco Museo Panajachel and Tzunun Ya Museum. Lake Atitlan is the perfect destination for you if you seek a unique destination with a mixture of natural and cultural attractions.


If you visit Guatemala, your trip would not be complete without visiting Tikal. Tikal is the ruins of an ancient Mayan city found in the northern rainforests of Guatemala. It is one of the most visited places in the country and is home to iconic ruins such as the Lost World Pyramid and the Temple of the Grand Jaguar which is the tallest Pre-Columbian building in the Americas. The Tikal ruins are located within the wider Tikal National Park and is a UNESCO World Heritage site. When you visit Tikal, you will learn that it was the center of the mighty Mayan Empire in its heyday between 200 and 800 AD and you will find the tombs and palaces of many of the great rulers of the era. Tikal provides the most comprehensive information about what a Mayan City was like in Guatemala and is a must visit if you want to learn more about the intriguing Mayan people.

When to Visit Guatemala

Guatemala is a year-round destination, with year-long warm temperatures so you can visit anytime throughout the year. However, if you want to avoid rain, the dry season is from November to April, the country gets little to no rainfall during this time. You can still visit in the rainy season since the rain tends to be torrential and only last for a couple of hours on any given day. The months of December to March are the busiest months for tourist; if you want to avoid crowds and get better deals for attractions and flights, you can visit during April to November.