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Costa Rica

Destination Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a unique Central American destination known for its natural beauty, biodiversity, volcanoes, rugged terrain and culture. Costa Rica has a population of over 4.8 million people and welcomed over 3 million international visitors in 2017. Most people who visit this alluring destination do so to enjoy the pristine natural attractions – over 25% of the country is protected forest reserve with a variety of unique wildlife. Costa Rica also offers exciting outdoor activities and is a destination that you will enjoy if you desire activities such as ziplining, volcano watching and hiking through unspoiled rainforests. If you are considering taking a trip to beautiful Costa Rica, here are some options to consider to have a memorable and enjoyable experience.


Getting to Costa Rica

Getting to Costa Rica is a breeze from most major United States gateways. There are several daily flights available from airlines such as American, Jet Blue, Spirit, United Airlines, Delta and Aero Mexico. Airfare is also reasonably priced, depending on the time of year, ticket prices average between $300 and $500 and travel time is not prohibitive. If you are flying out of Miami or Fort Lauderdale, you will get to San Jose in less than three hours! So, if you want to visit an exotic destination without flying too far, Costa Rica is a great option!

Where to go in Costa Rica

Costa Rica offers a lot of variety to the discerning traveler and there are several destinations within the country that we recommend, the destination of your choice would be dependent on the specific attractions that you want to enjoy. We will highlight some of the most popular and interesting destinations available to you in this beautiful country and what you can do when you visit.


The Arenal Volcano is one of the most visited attractions in Costa Rica. This is an active volcano that has erupted as recent as 2010. The volcano is a part of the Volcano National Park and is a stunning sight that rises above the massive rainforest of Arenal. The Volcano National Park also offers other activities such as hiking through the rugged rainforest, rafting on the serene rivers in the park, waterfall rappelling, and canopy tours. This area of Costa Rica should not be missed if you visit the country.

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Tortuguero is a small coastal town in the Limon province of Costa Rica. It is home to the alluring Tortuguero National Park and is surrounded by a massive rainforest and secluded beaches which are primary nesting grounds for the rare green turtle and four other turtle species. The area also has a research center and exhibit area that teaches visitors about the different types of turtles that are found in Tortuguero. The Tortuguero Park is home to other wildlife species such as Jaguars, tapirs, and manatees in the many wetland streams that permeate the National Park. The best time to visit Tortuguero is during the turtle nesting season which is typically between March and mid-October.


Guanacaste is in northern Costa Rica and is known for its splendid beaches and biodiverse National Parks. This province of Costa Rica is home to luxurious resorts and golf courses located on the Papagayo Peninsula. You will also find pristine beaches such as Playa Blanca and Playa Hermosa which is known for its diving and water sports options. A visit to Guanacaste would not be complete without visiting one of the many National Parks there, including the Santa Rosa National Park which is home to over 250 bird species, the Play Grande National Park and the Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve. You can also explore the history of Guanacaste by visiting the Liberia Museo de Guanacaste. This province in Costa Rica should be on your bucket list of places to visit whenever you plan a trip to Costa Rica.

Manuel Antonio National Park

This Park is located on the Pacific coast of Costa Rica and is one of the most popular National Parks in the country. The Park includes dense rainforests, coral reefs, and beautiful white sand beaches. The Manuel Antonio National Park is home to endangered wildlife species such as the three-toed sloth and the white-faced capuchin monkeys. You will also find hundreds of bird species in this amazing park, making it a must visit if you admire and appreciate nature. There are also many hiking trails throughout the Park, giving you the opportunity to explore the length and breadth of the Park and see all the naturally beautiful attractions.

When to Visit Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a tropical country, and therefore the climate is pleasant all year round. If you want to experience the natural beauty of the country, mostly uninterrupted by bad weather, the best time to visit is the dry season between December and April. Incidentally, the dry season coincides with the high tourist season, if you do not mind getting a little wet from showers, you can visit between May and November and enjoy the tropical beauty of Costa Rica without competing with large crowds for the top attractions.