Traditional and Cultural Weddings in Mexico

Just as in the United States, weddings are a very important part of Mexican culture.

Traditional and Cultural Weddings in Mexico

Traditional and Cultural Weddings in Mexico

Ceremonies and receptions often include specific elements which have been passed down from generation to generation, whether the ceremony is traditional or not. Since Catholicism plays such an important part in Mexican culture, many of the major traditions have religious significance and underscore the couple’s commitment to one another.
The Arras
One of the symbolic gestures inherent in the Mexican cultural wedding tradition is known as the Arras, which includes the giving of 13 gold coins to the bride by the groom. These coins represent Jesus and the 12 apostles as well as the groom’s promise to financially support his future wife. The bride, by accepting the coins, expresses her loyalty and extents her trust to her future husband.

The Lazo Ceremony
After the couple has exchanged vows, a white ribbon, cord, or rosary is wrapped around their wrists in the shape of a figure eight (or an infinity symbol). This lazo, or lasso, symbolizes the couple’s lifelong commitment to each other. After the service, the lazo is usually given to the bride as a memento of the day.

Decorations and Delights
Mexican weddings are celebrated with vibrant colors representing the joy and exuberance of the new union. From bridal apparel to decorations, festive hues abound. Real flowers as well as handcrafted paper ones often adorn the ceremony site and reception venue. A heart-shaped piñata filled with candy is also a common sight and beckons young guests to break it open, so everyone can enjoy the sweetness of the day.

Music to Suit Every Mood
While traditional Mariachi music frequently wafts on the air of a Mexican wedding, a mixture of rich music traditions means that guests can be assured of romantic serenades to the happy couple as well as jubilant tunes meant to gather everyone on the dance floor. Solos and duets performed by wedding guests are common as well.

The Money Dance
During wedding receptions in Mexico, the bride and groom will often take part in a traditional money dance. Guests take turns dancing with the couple while pinning money to their clothes. Besides the welcome gesture of financial supporting the new couple, this tradition also allows family and friends to spend a little bit of time one-on-one with the happy couple on their big day.

Photography Credit: David Pezzat Photographers