Destination wedding planning with family reluctant to travel

Advice on destination wedding planning with family that is reluctant to travel.

You’ve decided that a destination wedding is right for you. Now how do you convince your guests its right for them too? Will they stay or will they go? Some couples find after deciding on a destination wedding that their guests are reluctant to travel, but don’t give up on your dream destination wedding just yet!

Often guests are reluctant to travel due to location and finances. Given enough prior warning, saving money to travel should solve this issue and choosing a destination within your guest’s budget will ensure they make it on your special day. If your guests are concerned with the location itself due to recent news stories (regardless of proximity to your actual wedding destination) calming their concerns is an important step to take.

The most effective method however is to sell your guests on the trip itself. Your guests will more than likely be staying a few nights to celebrate your big day which means there is ample opportunity to indulge in the local food, activities and take in the beautiful surroundings. Couples who plan beach destination weddings often include a snorkeling or boat trip as a way to celebrate a little longer with their guests and say thank you for making the effort to be there. This is a fun activity which helps the guests relax and make them feel like they are on holiday.

Your destination wedding location will also have local shops to check out, restaurants with local cuisine to try and stunning natural features to take in. There is something for every guest to enjoy.

Destination wedding planning is about adventure, escaping to somewhere beautiful to celebrate your new found life together. The memories you create on your journey with the ones you love are well worth all the efforts.